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Jimmy Turner MD Life Coach

Life, Career, and Money Coaching

Being a husband, parent, and physician can prove challenging.  Does it feel like sometimes you have to choose between your responsibilities?

It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can have your cake and eat it, too!

Our Method

We take unintentional thoughts and make them intentional.  In other words, to take automatic systems that are geared toward dopaminergic reward systems and then to shift them toward pre-frontal cortex decisions.

No more limiting thoughts like “I don’t have the time”…”My student loans are weighing me down”… or “someday things will be better when…”

If you learn to change your thoughts, you can change your life.

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Why you should consider life coaching

So many reasons…

Proven to decrease symptoms of burnout

Professional Coaching has been shown to decrease symptoms of burnout and to improve overall quality of life (JAMA 2019)

The Model Works

You have to retrain your brain on how to find them. By focusing on your thoughts, you will change your feelings, actions, and results.

It has helped hundreds of doctors change their life

Professional Coaching for physicians has helped doctors lose weight, stop over drinking/over eating, decrease their anger, and find better work-life balance. Simply put. This stuff works.

Hi! I’m Jimmy Turner MD

As a successful academic anesthesiologist, personal finance blogger/podcaster/author, I still struggled with work-life balance as a husband, dad, doctor, and entrepreneur …until I found self-coaching.

Now, I help other doctors find the work-life balance they need through life, career, and money coaching.

  • After going through bankruptcy as a kid and racking up student loan debt, my family paid off $300,000 in debt and increased our net worth $500,000 in two years.
  • In my career, I've published multiple Randomized Control Trials, won teaching awards, and received high praise for my clinical practice... but I was still unhappy until I learned to change my thoughts.
  • Through self-coaching I gained the power I needed to claim the autonomy I deserve over my life and career.
  • I can help you do the same.